Over 500 children strut their stuff at international music festival

Over 500 children joined the ‘Navruz Sadolari’ international festival of ensembles and orchestrasOver 500 children aged 4-15 joined the ‘Navruz Sadolari’ (Melodies of Navruz) international festival of ensembles and orchestras that started on April 23 at the Conservatory of Uzbekistan.

Organized with support from the UN Information Office, the festival kicked off with a press conference, where organizers told those gathered about the goals and participants of ‘Navruz Sadolari’ project. Now in its eighth year, the juried festival has been given international status this year and has welcomed children’s groups from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in addition to Uzbek pre-school children’s groups, folk instrument ensembles and orchestras from children’s music and art schools as well as amateur folk instrument orchestras.

This year the festival put the spotlight on ‘The Year of Attention and Care for the Senior Generation’ in Uzbekistan and celebrated the 105th anniversary of late Uzbek musician and conductor Ashot Petrosyants and the 90th anniversary of Anvar Leviyev, who are credited with making a massive contribution to the development of Uzbek national music.

Some of the goals organizers of the festival pursue are to help children hone their performing skills, ramp up the creative activities of national instrument groups, expand music repertoire, and cement international artistic ties.

Those gathered for the opening ceremony of the festival were treated to performances by Sogdiana chamber orchestra of national instruments featuring trainees of Glier Music Academic Lyceum and other children’s music and art schools.

The festival’s competition part was held on April 23-24 at the Conservatory of Uzbekistan. The festival concluded with conducting and musical instrument master classes as well as a conference on April 25.

Fifteen of the 42 groups that joined the festival won five first, second and third places. The rest of the participants were honored with diplomas and commemorative prizes. The closing ceremony was followed by a gala concert that presented performances by festival participants and winners and drew the curtain on this year’s ‘Navruz Sadolari’ festival.