EcoWeek 2015: joining forces to conserve biodiversity

20150604_100845As many as 16,928 species of flora and fauna are presently on the verge of extinction. To conserve them for future generations, the United Nations adopted the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Uzbekistan is one of the 197 parties to the Convention. A presentation held today as part of EcoWeek 2015 highlighted the results of the project “National Planning in Biodiversity” created in Uzbekistan to contribute to the Convention.

Александр ГригорьянцAccording to Aleksandr Grigoryants, acting head of the State Inspection of Uzbekistan’s Committee for Protection and Rational Use of Fauna and Flora, biological diversity in Uzbekistan comprises around 27,000 species. Some of the species are gone forever, and they include the Turan tiger, the cheetah and the muskrat. In an effort to conserve the unique species of the world’s flora and fauna, Uzbekistan has taken serious steps in collaboration with the UN.

20150604_105838One outcome of the collaborative efforts is a joint project, National Planning in Biodiversity to Support the Implementation of the Strategic Plan for the Convention on Biological Diversity in Uzbekistan for 2011-2020, overseen by UNDP, the Global Environmental Facility and the State Committee of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection. Bulleted below are results of the project that the presentation centered on:

  • Development of 4 strategic goals and 10 national tasks
  • Revision and update of the National Strategy and Plan of Action to conserve biodiversity with the goal of ensuring compliance with the CBD strategic plan
  • Improvement of the mechanisms of mediation and accountability to CBD