World Blood Donor Day 2015 is celebrated on 14th of June.

World-blood-donor-day-2015This year’s motto is “Give freely, give often and blood donation matters”. Transfusion of blood and blood products help to save millions of lives each year. It can help patients suffering from life threatening conditions to live longer and with higher quality of life. It also has an essential life-saving role in maternal and child care and during man-made and natural disasters.

Therefore, the objectives for this year’s campaign are:

  1. Thank donors for life-saving donations
  2. Promote regular voluntary and unpaid blood donations
  3. Create wider public awareness of the need for regular donation
  4. Focus attention on donor health and quality of donor care
  5. And, finally, persuade authorities, including the ministry of health, to show appreciation of regular voluntary unpaid donors and provide adequate resources to provide quality donor care.

Click here to watch the interview with Asmus Hammerich on World Blood Donor Day.