Presentation in West Camp

West-camp-presentationJune 22nd was a special day for some guests of the “West Camp” as they were expecting to view a presentation from the UN Information Office. Around 150 children of the 10-15 age range met UNIC representatives at the main hall of the camp in the midday. Children were excited to meet new people and participate in an interactive presentation-to-be. After the welcoming speech of the UN staff, young audience was introduced with a short video in the English language about the main United Nations information, followed by the discussion of the obtained information in Russian. After a quick Q&A section about the UN system to find out the average knowledge of the children, UN Information Office executives were impressed with the amount of data 10-15-year old people have about such a complicated organization as the United Nations.

After a quick quiz about the acronyms of the UN agencies and a brief discussion of their work, children were given some main information about MDGs and SDGs, as well as were shown a video about the results of the MDGs` implementation in Uzbekistan. In a continuation of the presentation, the discussion about the term “rights” and the rights of the children took place in West Camp. As it was discovered, the young audience was quite knowledgeable about its main universal rights. UN Information Office introduced three short cartoons on the mentioned topic, which were followed by the opinions of the audience on each video individually. To acknowledge those, who have memorized the majority of the presentation`s information, children were asked three questions so that three active individuals were awarded with special UNIC presents for the correct replies.

Two other activities were waiting for the “West Camp” young guests. One of them, was a famous game “The Hat” (“Крокодил”), where ten volunteers divided into two teams had to explain the acronyms of the UN Agencies to the members of their teams within one minute. The winning team was awarded with the UN booklets. Afterwards, ten other volunteers were invited to the stage to guess correct numerical answers on ten UN statistical questions appearing on the screen. Those, whose guesses were closer to real numbers, became winners. Those five people received UN informative brochures. Some additional distribution material about the United Nations was given to the workers of the camp so that every child could access it.  At the end of the one-hour long event, children enthusiastically asked the UN Information Office to visit them again.