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Friendly matches, races held as part of EcoWeek 2015

Ecoweek-2015-2-1Representatives of Uzbek ministries, agencies, NGOs and media organizations have joined a marathon held today at the Management Development Institute of Singapore in Tashkent as the second day of EcoWeek 2015 unfolded in Uzbekistan.

Ecoweek-2015-day-2-2The marathon program included a 500-meter race, a 60-meter race and a friendly mini-football tournament between teams representing the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, the State Committee for Geology and Mineral Resources and the State Committee of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection.

Ecoweek-2015-day-2-3The participants of today’s marathon are individuals, whose jobs are directly linked with environmental protection, socio-economic development as well as cultural and educational activities. Mutual partners, they used their own example to highlight the importance of every person’s participation in major events and campaigns seeking to rally people and remind the broader public of the importance of environmental protection.

Eco Week 2015 kicks off in Tashkent ahead of World Environment Day

20150602_095145Eco Week 2015 has kicked off today at Tashkent Plaza ahead of World Environment Day (WED). Organized by the State Committee of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection in partnership with the UN Office in Uzbekistan, ministries and educational institutions, Eco Week will include a string of events seeking to encourage the broad public to take better care of the environment. 

20150602_110302Environmental protection is presently one of the most important areas of the United Nations’ activity, and World Environment Day, which is annually celebrated on 5 June, is an effort to encourage worldwide awareness and action for the environment amidst mounting evidence that people consume far more natural resources than our planet can sustainably provide. The theme of this year’s WED is “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care”.

20150602_110439This was echoed in the speech by UN Resident Coordinator in Uzbekistan Stefan Priesner at the opening ceremony of the Eco Week. Other keynote speakers included Bahodir Tajiyev, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Agrarian and Water Issues of the Parliament’s Legislative Chamber, and Kamoliddin Sadykov, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection.

20150602_103812This year, in breaking with tradition, the State Committee for Nature Protection presented Certificates of Honor at the very beginning of the Week, not at the closing ceremony as it has previously done. The State Committee of Uzbekistan for Geology and Mineral Recourses was awarded a Certificate of Honor for contributions to the 2013-2017 Program of Action for Environmental Protection in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Also honored were the winners of a competition to improve and reconstruct the Botanical Garden for ministries and agencies. Also, new national environmental competitions were announced.

20150602_110254An exhibition held as part of the opening ceremony of the Week gave those gathered an opportunity to learn about environmental technologies and innovations, ecopure products, alternative energy sources, and educational resources.

Slated to run until 6 June, Eco Week 2015 will include conferences, eco marathons, festivals, environmental campaigns and a presentation of the results of a collaborative project run by the State Committee of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection, UNDP and the Global Environmental Facility.