70th Anniversary of the UN: Donate a Talent

Donate a talentWhat is your favorite pastime? Are you into planting flowers? Do you love to sing and organize picnics for your friends? Do you boast remarkable skiing skills? Are you an excellent skydiver? Every person has a passion and a talent for something. Everyone enjoys life and makes the world more beautiful in their own way.

Seventy years ago, an organization was created in an effort to create a better world. Driven by a vision of enabling everyone to invest all their passion and skills in what they love to do, it now works throughout the globe.

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, the Information Office is launching ‘Donate a Talent’ campaign. It is our fervent belief that if everyone realizes their talent and shares it with the world, friends, colleagues or loved ones, the world will become a much better place. Doing something you are passionate about gives you pleasure. But that pleasure will be everyone’s if you share it with people around you.

A slew of celebrities – singers, film stars and craftspeople – as well as people of all stripes have joined the campaign and demonstrated their talents through videos that encourage each and every one to discover his or her own talent and donate it to the world.

You can become part of the campaign! Create a short video that highlights your skills, send us a link to the video, and we will post it on all the social networks of the UN Information Office! Share your talent with us!