UN Women to continue to work on women empowerment

Visit-of-Elaine-Conkievich-to-TashkentIn August, UN Women Multi-Country Representative for Central Asia Elaine Conkievich visited Uzbekistan. In an interview with the UN Information Office she spoke about the purpose of her visit and UN Women plans for the near future.

“I came this week to Tashkent for several purposes; one was yesterday we conducted stakeholder consultations with government officials, with civil society, and other partners we work with in this country,” she said. UN Women Multi-Country Office for Central Asia is in the process of preparing a new five-year strategic note. An essential part of this process, she said, is to hold consultations with stakeholders on the ground because “we would like to build our programme and our support in the country based on the national priorities”.

Conkievich said UN Women in Uzbekistan is working on women’s economic empowerment, adding that recently they put forward a programme for the development of women’s entrepreneurship in the country, and expressed hopes that it will be positively reviewed by the government so that they can proceed with the programme. She also said the UN agency is working on women’s participation in decision making in “all levels and all spheres”.

Some of the proposals presented for review, she said, relate to the adoption of the so-called Temporary Special Measures that are aimed at increasing the number of women in various positions and sectors of the society. The programmes have been proposed to the government and they are currently being reviewed, “and we have received initial positive feedback,” the UN official concluded, adding that they look forward to implementing those particular programmes in Uzbekistan.

As part of her visit, Conkievich also held individual meetings with the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan, various embassies and UN agencies to discuss plans and proposals related to UN Women’s further efforts in Uzbekistan.

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